Friday, 4 June 2010

Vale Blanche

Ok ... Betty, you're the last one standing!!!! God Bless you Blanche!! There's no one left to carry your mantle ... all these so-called "cougar" types simply have no clue. You were the original MILF! And you were sexual mentor for less enlightened times ... and the sad fact of the matter is ... we kinda need you now more than ever! I am truly heartbroken.

PS: to the bastard lowlife scum who broke into V's car, got her address details off the rego slip in her glovebox and then went to her house and robbed her ... I sincerely hope painful boils form all over your body that suppurate slowly and burst and they run out of morphine in the gutter you've crawled out of and will eventually crawl back in ... why don't you fucking target the rich folk on the other side of the yarra !!! Not struggling people who have to support themselves on their own and can ill afford this type of shit happening.

PPS: Wendy reckons that there are no more shows about old people (her words, not mine) on TV like there used to be (i.e. Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote - again, her words!). There are only token old people nowadays, who aren't the main protagonists ... and guess what? I think she maybe right!!

PPS: On things geriatric ... I am officially old now ... a client signed off her email with bfn ... and I had no fucking clue that its stood for "bye for now"!! Mind you, bfn isn't that professional ... is it?


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