Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Ok ... I found the following 2 bargains on Amazon but they won't ship these to Australia ... WHY???

Kenneth Cole NY - Gold Mine Boot - at the whopping great price of AUD$71.00

Calvin Klein Ibrahim Boot - at the equally whopping great price of AUD$77.00

It can't simply be a matter of weight and bulk ...  surely!! The only comparable alternative I've found here is one at that hideously overpriced unpronounceable joint in Littel Collins ... and thats AUD$395???


  1. Hey D,

    Try this:
    Look at the BuyUSA page, should do what you are after.

    Hope you are well, catch up when I'm back,


  2. Have you used this service? Are they reliable?

  3. Oh and P!! OMG!! A Comment. I am chuffed!! And yes definitely a catch up ... loads of cook up ideas to be discussed.

  4. I would also suggest a package forwarding company. I have an account with one as well. Basically how it works: You sign up for an account with an international forwarder, they give you a US based address. You order from Amazon, put the domestic US address as your ship to. Amazon ships to the forwarder and then the forwarder ships to you.
    There are many companies out there that offer this service.

    You can actually use one of them to get an estimate on the full "Landed Cost" on the Amazon purchase including shipping, taxes, etc. right on their site:


  5. Thank you Anonymous. This is most helpful.


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