Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Random Thoughts from the weekend

Ok ... I'm typing this with yellow stained fingers from the marinade of the lovely trevally we cooked and consummed last night. My neck is aching slightly from stooping over up in the roof ... yes I swore I never would but we had to figure out the cause of the leak in our bedroom ceiling.

In fact this weekend just gone was a bit of a diy fest ... not only did we plug up a cracked tile in the roof, we also replaced the windscreen wipers on my car ... and if you have that "so?" look on your face when you read that last sentence then let me introduce myself ... Hi my name is ...

And we caught up with the Bs for Yum Cha at the Preston branch of Gold Leaf. They've just had another baby and are planning a move back down under, but to Qld instead. D is on the up and up ... and it made me reflect on my life so far ... and I can't honestly say that there has been much forethought or planning.

Unfortunately life does not come with a manual, and although I'm not really into self help and cod-inspiration (don't ever buy me one of those mini books as a gift ... the ones that are stacked as impulse buys near the cash register ... the ones with insipid animals or worse cutesy kids on the cover), I am of the firm opinion that every little decision counts ... and that you have a comparatively short time here on earth so use it wisely. Oh and it is a wise person who knows when to step back and re-charge ... unfortunately I've turned this form of wisdom into a life challenge ... hence the burgeoning waistline and ever declining man tits!

And as always during these bouts of self-pity, I always turn to the past and gaze longingly at what has been and rail helplessly against what could have been ... all in all a pretty pointless exercise. I need to exorcise the past and look toward the future!

Right who's with me!!!


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