Sunday, 20 June 2010

Is it a bird ... is it a plane ... is it a tree?

Ok ... no no no its a Bush ... Kate Bush (here's well you roll eyes and mime sticking a finger down your throat!).

What am I quoting ... well if you were of my generation (and a had a high tolerance for cringeworthy tack) you may recall seeing an ABBA special taped in Switzerland ... and perhaps you may have seen Roxy Music performing "Dance Away" and fallen madly in love with Bryan Ferry ... and you would certainly have seen Kate Bush singing Wow (swirling so effortlessly I always thought she was on rollerskates) and gone away thinking this is new and exciting and I want!!

Now why am I bringing this all up? Well the special was a tie in with the new album at the time ... the one I call Abba does disco ... which is of course Voulez-Vous. This has now been given the deluxe edition treatment and the DVD component includes the ABBA spots in said Switzerland TV special.

I've been meaning to compile a list of influential albums from my formative years and this would certainly have made the cut. I remember the buzz around the new ABBA song being played on the radio and my friend Edwin rushing over to say he had heard a few more songs and Whye Kei painstakingly trying to explain what Angeleyes was all about and how it sounded ... and then finally having a copy of my very own (the $6.50 version ... it deserved the extra 4 dollars) and instantly falling in love with the King has Lost his Crown. Make no mistake ... I was an ABBA fan ... at the time!! I remember my father being impressed by the horn playing on the title track and being blissfully unaware of how tasteless the light sabre cover reference was complete with Wonder woman's clinching belt. Still it could have been worse ... and the tunes within were bangin!!! With the exception of the slight schmaltzy mis-step of "I have a Dream" everything else was pure solid gold!!

You need to check this out to see what a Pop album truly should be ... this was the template! All killa, no filla!!

Since this won't be on the deluxe version ... enjoy! (starts at about 2.07 btw)


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