Friday, 16 October 2009

VINDICATION!! Of matters Sartorial

Ok ... Finally some personal vindication!!! You can be "mature" and still look cool ... suck it everybody!!

 (pic from where?? ... you guessed it!! The Sart himself!)

In other fashion related news, I was reading up on Irving Penn who as you may know recently passed away. He's most noted for the work he did for Vogue in the 50s, but I rather enjoy his still lifes (?) ... an unusual aesthetic to say the least ... Vale Penn!

 (this would have made a great poster for Mad Men the TV series)

 I love the stray hairs detail ... as M would say Choice!! (yes M has suddenly become a NZer)
 Love love love this one for obvious reasons ... the ant of course!! ... hehe ... reminds me of you Copes!
And ok here are some fashioney ones ...
 Cheese alcohol and Cigarettes ... come back Copes!!!


Temasek wrote:
the quince and the dried fig (hidden) thats what!! I have a few secret ingredients but really is all in the hands!! Off to R's b'day party at the Richmond boat club ... should be a hoot ... not sure if M can cope with the too cool for schoolers ... not sure I can for that matter ... CB!!
17 Oct
dan cope wrote:
The ant or the running cheese?? Oh too frigging funny. I MADE pesto.. what is your secret ingredient??? tell me........ :P
16 Oct


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