Monday, 19 October 2009

Of Japanese Wrestling and Rock N Roll ... what we got up to on the weekend

Ok ... how do you get the weekend off with a cracking start?? Have coffee on a friday with P at the achingly stylish GPO:

 Detail from Ca De Vin

Tis not the cheapest of joints for a weekday lunch (tho that wasn't obviously stopping the myriad of punters around us ... we were lucky to score a table) but the food coming out of the kitchen looked pretty fine!! And damn you P, stop paying for Coffee ... I'm not the poor church mouse visiting his fancy cousin in the Big City!! Anyhoo, as with the general timbre of the GPO, you have to expect a modicum of 'tude from the zippy shiny folk subsisting on barely minimum wage, but just remember you're the one sitting down inhaling the java and you'll be just fine.
Saturday was spent watching nubile young rowers in spandex stretching in the sun ... erm no thats not it ... but it was spent drinking at the Richmond rowing club to toast R's b'day!! We were originally off to the Bot gardens but BOM predicted some pretty vile weather which never really came ... in fact it was the perfect Melbourne spring day.
Not being quite brave enough to point and shoot the view most desired, here are some pretty scenic pics for your optical pleasure:
I can't believe R managed to secure the venue in practically a matter of 24 hrs. He never ceases to surprise me. Apparently he hired this massive truck in order to transport the drink that he had purchased for the occasion. P said it was to give the "illusion of catering"!! (P also goes to Japan for "women's wrestling and rock n roll) It costs about $500 to hire the venue ... I can just imagine watching the sunlight fade and the city lights coming on ... magic.
True to form it was the 80s playlist from hell and depsite little Jo's valiant efforts, no one really got up to boogie .. we were on a sorta timeline as M wanted to go to the Rainbow band (hehe) gig. But we had a great time and didn't leave before we the following:
M met DB for the first time and couldn't match voice to the face
M touched my ex-boss
P cracked me up again!
D & C twisted my arm and now I have actually committed to something that is bigger than me ... more of that later
(jeez Nurse Jackie is a great programme .. fucking Ch 10 butchers! sub standard GNW is allowed to go over time and yet again quality suffers!!)
D got busted with a kid!!
CT turned up!! Haven't seen the bitch in years, ignores all my calls, and now calls out to me like we're besties!! But he was my erstwhile crush so forgive him! Just!
Happy Birthday R!
After inhaling a coupla Mickey D's ... and yah ... Still cardboard!! We headed off to the Gasworks Park for the gig .. which despite a naff little play that attempted unwisely to try and tie the programme together in some sort of sequential fairy tale, the band actually sounded the best I've ever heard them, and they even had a lion dance ...  
Look you have to do the whole support thing every now and then ... how else can you leverage this at a later stage ... like when you blurt out that you snogged your crush for a dare ... hehe!!
Next up - Sunday with Nyman and the Divine Comedy.
Sometimes its great to just veg a little:

dan cope wrote:
well if you were on Facebook you could!
23 Oct
Temasek wrote:
Most of the names wouldn't mean anything to you. But I bumped into Gerard who knows Patrick and Darren. I see Patrick every now and then on his bike on my way to work ... I'm still up for a Patrick and Darren sandwhich ... hehe.
22 Oct

dan cope wrote:
oh boy you have to email me with the names i can't be sure who is who in your code.. M looks good! and R. xxx
21 Oct


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