Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Carrom Bombay!!

Ok ... guess what M gave me ... a CARROM BOARD!!!

As you may have gleaned from these pages, we, particulaly M, have been somewhat housebound of late. However, D from NZ and his rather lively little boy Boris (yes ok its a bulldozer, not a truck!! Jeez precocious little ... ) are in Melbourne for the next 6 mths, so they popped over for a visit and trundled off to Little India for some snacks and I guess just for shits and giggles. M saw this in the window of India at Home and the lightbulb clicked on.
I came home to a massive newspaper wrapped square which I initially thought was a painting, and then I saw the webbing of the pockets that capture the Carromen and I knew what it was.
We had a quick game last night after looking up the rules online. Exciting!!!
You can find info abour and rules of the game here.



Temasek wrote:
Yah can you believe it!!! It'll be the sudoku and bingo before long!!
17 Oct

dan cope wrote:
Did you have a game? I love it!
16 Oct


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