Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I would like to live in Sweden when my work is done ... A coupla Swedes at the Royal Arcade

Ok ... in praise of all things Nordic, a touch of the Swedes has landed in our temperate climes with their block colours, their tailored cuts and engineered fabrics ... over at the  Royal Arcade where Don't Come (literally ... judging by the snooty reception I used to get when I went there) used to display its wares, above the fashion elite of Marais with that delicious Galliano shirt, the crypticallya named Somewhere now sits in minimal residence. Its so new that you can still smell the paint and the gallery space and parts of the retail area are still being worked on. But this hasn't dampened the enthusiasm and effusiveness of the 2 lovely guys who run the show.

In fact the guys were so friendly that I wanted to purchase something just so they would be my friends. and the black and grey collared shirt would have been my first choice. now the clothes themselves err a little on the conservative side, but the craftsmanship looks more than sound and the fabrics extremely durable. and they are relatively cheaper than their high end equivalents. When I next feel a little more solvent, I may venture over and make that shirt mine. You couldn't find alot of these brands anywhere else if nothing else, and whilst we wait and pray for an H&M, this is (albeit a little more pricey) a reasonable stop gap.


Somewhere also stocks some local labels including Secret Squirrel from Sydney and Self Help from Melbourne. And of course the ubiquitous Cheap Monday, Dr DENIM and Beat Poet (which is now also stocked in DJs). Block colours and simple cuts with subtle flourishes .. these are the common elements of the collection. And I must say that there was something strangely uplifting wafting my fingers through a sea of bright blues, sky, sea-green and flannel greys ... do you think they'd let me move in?


So along with INCU, Sydney continues it slow but insiduous conquest of Melbourne's fashion retail space.
SOMEWHERE now showing at Level 2, Royal Arcade, 314 Lt Collins Street, Melbourne.


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