Monday, 26 October 2009

ni ker-yi ran wo jin lai ma?

Ok ... so after the big day of auctions we decided to toast J's sale by having a glass of Champers and some Thai food.
Well a glass turned into 2 bottles and then a visit to the nearest Dan Murphy's to stock up for an afternoon back at Casa del Maricon over in Kew.
We started with a Gewurtztraminer and then someone (i.e. J) pulled out some sumthin' sunthins' and it all went down hill after that.
Although I must say, everyone held up reasonably well considering the copious amounts that were consumed. However we did get it together enough to cook a roast chicken, although the oven cut out halfway through and we ended up having to bring it down to the landladies downstairs (yes they live below and J & CC live above) to use their oven. You can infer that the landladies are a lovely couple and extremely friendly and generous. Oh and they have a pool which they uncovered on the day in preparation for the warmer weather ahead ... so you have to cultivate these friends with benefits!!
It was one of those nights when everything just feels super crazy!! And we ended the night in regaling each other with ghost stories (typical!!). Although D already had the paras so he couldn't quite cope ... actually we were already feeling the effects of CC opening his jar of cordyceps!! (I'm sure its good for you in soups and things, but that shit is funky!!)
So apparently, when D first bought the place, she rented it out, but seemed to be having a high turnover of tenants. Eventually she bumped into one of her former tenants who told her about the ghostly happenings in the house.
Apparently, when he lived there he used to hear the sounds of glass breaking in the bathroom, and one night he went in to check it out and found a pile of glass shards on the bathroom floor ... he moved out soon afterwards.
Then CC tells me the story about the time he was 5 and he opened the door to this guy dressed in colonial garb but who was chinese and asked him whether he could come in (hence the title of this post ... excuse my hanyu pinyin). And then he suddenly floats up from the ground!! (ok I messed the telling of this last story up, but you get the drift).
Oh and whats scarier is pics of me when I'm pissed ... so point that damn camera elsewhere bitch!


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