Sunday, 4 October 2009

Not like in our day .... you know it bitch!

Ok ... seriously my life is at its end!!
Picture this, I am at my local IGA, standing at the Deli counter waiting patiently to be served ... I know I am a bit of a fidget, and I find it incredibly hard to stand still, and the music on the PA system had a beat ... so sue me if I do a little bit of a rhythmic jig every now and then ... and sometimes when you catch me in the mood, you can even start up a random convo with me and I will respond ... so this is how it went ..
Old Lady (well, late 50s early 60s ... bunned up hair, jeans and bluey-grey shirt): "you're having a little dance to the music"
Me: "yes i can't stand still ... I don't even like this song"
Old Lady: "Yes ... its for the young ones ... not like the songs back in OUR day"
WTF!!!! Hold up a minute .... lets rrrrrrewind (selector!!) ... OUR day ... bitch I don't know what century you were born in but it certainly was not mine!!!
Kill me now!
You know I admit it ... I do dress a little "too" young for my age ... and lets face it ... I don't have the energy to match ... but you know some poeple seem to get away with it .. I wish I could be more Johnny Depp ... you know he doesn't dress his age, but he has a certain effortless fashionistic charm ... he just throws anything on and it looks cool ... of course it helps if you are indeed Johnny Depp ... but I have a sneaky feeling I'll end up looking like the tragedy that is Karl Lagerfeld!! (and if you're a friend, it is beholden of you neither to confirm nor to deny!!)
I want to be:

But I know I will be:

Temasek  wrote:
Haha ... M will be dining out on this story for some time ... and welcome Allyn to these hallowed pages ... we should start a "I'm not ready for collared shirts and chinos" club!!
6 Oct
dan cope wrote:
u r funny :)
5 Oct 

chill gurl! i'm close 2
5 Oct


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