Wednesday, 24 September 2008

When in Rome I do as the Romans do!!

Ok .. I'm determined determined to get my lazy arse off to the Meditarreanean at some point before I shuffle off this extremely tired old mortal coil.

What has prompted this ... well as part of a daily ritual of blog viewing, I always go to The Sartorialist for inspiration not only in all things sartorial (funnily enough) but also to remind myself of places I have yet to visit, people I've yet to fuck (oh poor misguided you!) and lives I have yet to live (insert scary homicidal maniac quip here).

There have been so many pics that I have wanted to post here but always felt a little guilty about doing it .. but his pics make their way into that many blogs ... but anyhoo ... he recently posted this pic of a couple he snapped on the streets of Milan .. and .. can you get any cooler??? Whats up with the Italians in general ... why are they so painfully stylish?? And gorgeous to boot!!!

Veni. Vidi. Vinci.


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