Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Ron Mueck ... Fo' Real!!

Ok .. firstly let me say that this blog gets a load f Ron Mueck Google Search hits ... so its with a hummingbird's dickful of excitement that I can announce having seen 3 Ron Mueck's in the wax!!!

We trundled off to Langwarrin .. (somewhere back of butt fuckin beyond) ... the Langwarrin sculpture gallery to be exact ... total wasp country let me tell you ... I stuck out like ... well ... like an asian fairy on a beach in cronulla ... AND I got told off for sneaking a few pix on the old moby .. so I only have photos of the WILD MAN I'm afraid ...

Huge and scarily detailed ... Nanna loved the dimensions ... cheeky nanna!

I especially loved the hair on the legs ... and the welcome mat on the back.

There were other bits and bobs in the other rooms .. but nothing as interesting .. they did have this gentleman playing guitar and humming in the corner in another section of the gallery ... it was very pleasant .. but I somehow feel that the punters would have preferred some piped in Buble or Shannon hole ... or summat like that .. yeah that kinda crowd.

We had a bit of a walk around the grounds and took more happy snaps .. until the weather turned ...

Some interesting pieces ... if you're into that sort of thing ...

We were both taken by these ... and its always great to catch that short sunburst of the wattle in early spring:

So its a little peek-a-boo from us until the next artventure (ooh . too much??).


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