Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Messed Up Ugly!!!

Ok ... so I'm sorry about this sudden wave of Ray-dee-oh Sil-ence! Perhaps its early onset of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but I've been sick, been down .. life has just generally been Messed Up Ugly!! (phrase coined by IT dude in Lisse!)

The parentals are here so this phase of inactivity may continue for at least the next 2 weeks yet ... things seem to have hit an all time low as far as the neph and the bro are concerned .. and I seemed to be constantly falling short of finances ... so whats new really ...

(i) SYTYCD - Joshua ... well no surprises here and really I would have been happy with any of the final 4. I am doing the ''Fo Real" sign while I type this with one hand ... c'mon say it with me ... that shit is BUCK!!! Oh and guess what I saw on the train across the doorway from me ... yellow lense-less sunnies ... "holytwitch batman" ... four fingers slowly inched towards the shoulder but sensibility prevailed at the last minute ... but seriously dudes ... that shit is BUCK!!!

(ii) Aus Idol .. can the judging be any more boooooorrrrriiinnnnggg! Ok so here are the favs ... Madam Parker (of course .. goes without saying!! ... wasn't there a scary ventriloquist act with a hooked nose and loud laugh called Madam somethingorother .. or did I smoke too much weed in the 70s ... fuck youse!!! I'm not that old ... hehe ... oh I can't believe I wrote fuck youse ... I really don't talk like that at all .. although there was a time when I went around saying "would youse like a bag??" ... at the moment my catchphrase du jour is "I'm with IMAR" .. don't ask!) And a tick for Krisslyn .. of course!!! and also that construction worker with the head scar ... I'd hit that 'fo shure!!!

(iii) Listens - Late of the Pier, Friendly Fires, Sigur Ros, TV on the Radio ... more of these later when I get a chance ... what I would like to say is now much I love Amazon UK ... oline order done on a friday, dispatch email received on saturday .... lovely little package in the mailbox on Thursday!!! Crazy!!! And having a lovely little Yazoo revival as a result ... more of this later too ... with pics

(iv) Reads - just started on Kit Whitfield's Bareback .. curious little number ... billed as a Noir Thriller but is all about lycnathropy ... its a grower!!

(v) Food - had another yummy lunch at Birdman Eating - M had lebanese meatballs and I had Basque chicken with fried polenta ... I will complete that damn bistro vue review soon ... promise!!


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