Wednesday, 28 May 2008

West Footscray - Little India

Ok ... I know we seem to be a little obsessed with food at the moment ... but when the weather gets colder ... your body needs insulation ... so your mind turns to cold weather sustenance ... cue the alcoholic beverage and spicy vittles!!

West Footscray is fast becoming a Little India ... what with its numerous indian cafes and provision stores serving the needs of an ever-burgeoning populace from this powerhouse asian economy ... and unless you're the type that freaks out if you have to drive beyond the familiar route between house and the nearest plastic shopping complex ... then you'd be celebrating the richness that this culture brings and contributes to our country, which as years go by, is assuredly reaching its destination towards true multiculturalism. (towns like Camden aside!!! I saw some of those peops on the News ... I can guarantee a few of them get off on Arabic porn ... they fear the "brotherhood" but bottled inside is unbridled guilt-ridden lust ... stupidity in all its mostly bigoted forms is sooooo pathetic).

Anyhoo I digress ... I mentioned Thai Angels previously, well Aangan is just a few shops away ... and boasts a beer garden and an oddly attractive fairy light tree crowning the doorway.

I asked my workmate P (who hails from said sub-continent) whether he knew of any good indian restaurants particularly down my way, and without skipping a beat he says"Aangan". So we decided to check the place out on one of our recent "eat out" Friday nights. The place was packed and the only way they could fit us in is if we agreed to eat out in the Beer Garden.

On the brink of starvation, we agreed. The Beer garden is under one of those makeshift plastic Marquees. They had a number of those portable heaters which did help stave off the cold .. but I kept my jacket on nonetheless. The beer garden (I suspect) boasts more staff per capita average than in the restaurant proper and boasts a big screen playing the ususal india music vids.

I swear every Indian restaurant in teh state owns the same DVD collection ... I've seen these time and time again, including one of the songs MIA samples on her last album .. a personal favourite.
So service was swift and efficient ... although it was of the "how was the food" variety which can be painful at times.
The food, although not mindblowing, was more than serviceable and prices are reasonable. We strated with a samosa chat ... which was a samosa covered in this sauce ... a tad too sweet for my liking, but M lapped it up. We followed this with Dhaal Markhani (of course!! - in the same way I test malaysian restaurants with their beef rendang prowess ... I measure indian restaurants on the quality of their version of Dhaal Makhani), a fried chilli fish dish and a yellow lamb and potato curry, accompanied by biryiani rice and naan. All in all it was a good feed. One of the tables next to us made a remark about returning to the inflight movie, and it did kinda feel like you were in a plane facing the big screen and having your meal. Anyhoo ... if you're in the neighbourhood and having a yearning for indian bear this place in mind!!!
I wouldn't bother with take away ... seeing the chick at the counter holding 2 phones to her ears at the same time whilst dealing with someone at the counter complaining about the lengthy wait ... I suspect this is the one part of their service that suffers.

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