Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Ok ... so I mentioned previously that I recently made my first CD WOW purchase ... my deluxe cd-dvd edition of OMD's Architecture and Morality was shoved in the mailslot at work 6 days after delivery confirmation .. I was on the phone when P brought it up to my desk ... so I wasn't demonstrably excited (i was planning to do a whole song and dance) ... the damn phone call killed the moment!!!

Anyhoo, the CD is kinda fucked ... there's a little dent near the central hole which my antiquated cd player can't seem to cope with ... it played fine in the puter and in my dvd player ... so a bit of a bummer ... but I've been trying to track this version down for sooo long and it was great to finally have it in my hot little hands!!!

What a trip down memory lane it was ... some songs are so evocative of a period in your life, sometimes painfully so ..... we were talking about this at R's the other day. K mentioned Cocteau twin's "heaven or las vegas" and its one of those CDs which I love but conjures up too many unhappy memories ... I was going through a break up at the time of its release ... my friend S has the same thing with the Communards ... and we were all there to witness that one!!!!!

Anyways I've never really seen any of OMD's Music Videos except perhaps for Locomotion ... there are promo vids for Souvenir and Joan of Arc on the disc ... pretty much what I was expecting ... what I didn't expect was Paul Humphrey's energetic 80s shoulder shaking dance moves ... it was as bad as Roland Orzabal's pseudo kung fu hand moves in Tears for Fears' mad World video!!!
The Live DVD was a hoot just for the dance moves alone ... and for Joan of Arc (maid of orleans) ... just watch the drummer ... excellent stuff. And of course here for your enjoyment:

In other music related news - its stocktake time at JB's so I scored the following at $5.00 each:

Ultravox! - Ultravox! - digitally remastered with bonus tracks ... this is the one with John Foxx!! - post-punk madness, more Wire and buzzcocks than yazoo and depeche mode

Clinic - Visitations / Funf / Walking with Thee - always wanted to check these guys out, mainly because they supported Radiohead - but hey they can fart chunks for all I care at $5 a pop!

Cocteau Twins - Milk and Kisses - remastered by Robin Guthrie - I know its not their best ... but this version is hard to come by.

Oh and for $2.00 I got Mozart's Gran Partita for M - the Harmonia mundi recording

Also scored the Gossip Live in Liverpool from R, ... they're amazing live!!

Here's a taster:


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