Monday, 12 May 2008

friday night saturday morning

Ok ... well we finally made it to Thai Angels on Friday night for a spot of tea.

Friday Night

well its not exactly the cheapest lazy-arse friday night dinner ... but its passeable for a nice little sit-down meal thats hassle free. The main drag of West footscray is turning into a nice little cosmopolitan enclave what with all the groovy young couples that can't really afford fitzroy or carlton ... its hard on the heels of seddon and yazzaville!!
As per ush we pigged out!! Had prawn tom yum and bravely asked for HOT (which meant extra slices of raw bird's eye chillies) ... was pretty damn impressive .. one of the better tom yums around
We then had a yellow fish curry (fairly mild and on the sweetish side ... but it gets the culinary tick), pad thai (the westernised version minus the dried prawns and pickled turnip - but a really nice flavour ... very more-ish) and a minced pork salad (a bit of a let down - needed a bit more lime and fish sauce)
All washed down by a couple of cold Carlsbergs ... sooo reminded me of childhood and the ad we used to have on telly - I can still sing you the theme song "Come up to Carlsberg ..." and the chick in a whit bikini and a belly chain coming out of the surf and morphing into the shape of the bottle ... they don't make them like that anymore!!!
Went across the street to the massive indian provision store and stocked up on cup-sized portions of Kulfi .. yes they sell frozen kulfi now ... how happy am I!!! We got Badam (almond meal), pistachio and mango.
If you're in the west ... thai angels is worth checking out
Saturday Morning
So we trundled off to Fitzroy ... M was in the mood to spend!!!
We started off at Books for Cooks ... well how could you resist ... its a dangerous place to be for M and me ... 

And a $100 later .... jeez!!! ... we left feeling inspired and hungry .. so it was a skip to the bakery across for these yummy herb sorta ciabattas crossed with turkish bread ... don't know what they're called ... I usually point and say that herb thing ... its only $2 each ... and they're pretty massive ... its the bakery near Ladro's .. can never remember the name.
Then it was round the corner to Tongue and Groove.
This is our favourite furniture store ... we've scored 2 great 60's vinyl chairs and a fantastic danish style coffee table from here ... we've gotten to know Ross as a result ... even got an invite to a Featherstone drinks night once ... he was a big promoter of Featherstone ... but he's changing tack very shortly and promoting home-grown modern furniture ... as a result there will be a re-launch soon and we have invites to the party!!! I think he thinks we're like one of those artsy-fartsy couples with cash to spend .... well we'll keep this delusion alive ... we stayed mum about the fact that we were looking at buying a replica Arco lamp ... he would have kicked us out of the shop otherwise ... he's outbid each time a crate of vintage danish furniture goes up for acution and too many cheap chinese replicas are flooding the market ... which is why the need to re-assess his business model ... most of his second hand stuff gets deposited at Lost and Found just up the road ...
Which is where we went next ... I scored a vintage winter coat and m bought a couple of retro ties for his gig on sunday (will try and post pics of these soon) ... I had to say No to a couple of skinny ties ... but could easily be persuaded as soon as I've found the right shirts to go with ... oh this never ends!!!
It was a really fun day ... and we made a scrummy Sup Kambing (well more of the mamak shop style mutton soup) for tea with the lamb bought from the halal shop ... they do the best cuts for curries and the like ... on the bone with a layer of fat ... perfect!!
Hope you all had a great weekend!!!
This Friday its dinner at Mamaganoush with the old gang
Saturday its another cook-up ... its P's b'day so he gets to choose what we do ... he's already talking terrines and soup ... I'm quelling at the thought!!
PS ... the new PORTISHEAD ... words fail me
PPS ... the naked cowboy was at the front of Myer's .... too funny!!!


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