Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Another Day with Santogold

Ok ... so I can't get that Santogold song outta my head ... I keep walking round humming "I can say I hope it will be worth what I give up" ... its annoyingly catchy ... and now I know who she really reminds me of .. Joan Armatrading!!! ("Who???" says a chorus of teenagers).
I haven't quite made up my mind about the album still ... I think it could be a grower, but then by which time you're over it ... one of those!!!

Anyways I seem to have music on the brain recently ... finally managed to order a number of deluxe editions of albums I have been unable to find in the shops locally. And I'm trying an online site that I have always been curious about ... won't mention details at this stage ... I've suddenly got the paras!!!
And I was checking out a free download off PC Magazine (a return from work) for this programme called URL Snooper ... which purports to track down all video stream urls so that you can download them onto your PC ... ain't working too well ... but my test case was a video off youtube of Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel performing Another Day for a Xmas special on TV ... not sure why i decided to choose this one ... it was all a bit random ... maybe becoz I was talking to D about this recently.
As this duet was never released on record, most people are more familiar with the version by This Mortal Coil ... and I'm guessing no one really knows the original Roy Harper version (that pesky teenage chorus again!!!)

Its a sad song ... sadly beautiful ... here for your viewing pleasure (oh and Peter Gabriel was a bit of spunk hey).

The kettle's on, the sun has gone, another day
She offers me Tibetan tea on a flower tray
She's at the door. She wants to score. She dearly needs to say
I loved you a long time ago, you know
Where the wind's own forget-me-nots blow
But I just couldn't let myself go
Not knowing what on earth there was to know
But I wish that I had, cause I'm feeling so sad
That I never had one of your children
And across the room, inside a tomb, a chance is waxed and waned
The night is young, why are we so hung up, in each other's pain
I must take her, I must make her, while the dove domains
And feel the juice run as she flies
Run my wings under her sighs
As the flames of eternity rise
To lick us with the first born lash of dawn
Oh really my dear, I can't see what we fear
Sat here with ourselves in between us
And at the dawn, we can't say more, than just another day
And without a sound, I turn around, and I walk away
PS ... identity theft was the subject of tonight's Insight programme ... hence the paras!!! For the record, I am a 14 year old, spotty teenage girl with blonde hair of indeterminate eastern european background ... no money here to be had ... too young to drink and drive ... and I don't have a credit card ...!! hehe


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