Saturday, 31 May 2008

Remember Vinyl

Ok ... so I've not had to purchase a new album in vinyl format for what seems like forevah!!!

LPs still hold such a fascination for me and I love flipping through racks of vinyl ... particularly new and mint versions and especially the 180 gram variety that feels so heavy and tactile!! But I guess the CD format has the convenience factor as well as availability (well maybe thats all about to change soon anyways)

Anyways, the vinyl edition of this album boasts 3 tracks not available on cd. And Polyester had a storewide 20% discount so that sealed the deal.
So what album am I talking about? Well Matmos' Supreme Balloon of course!!!
Its their first album recorded entirely on synthesizers with no mics allowed - whatever that means!!

(if you are unfamiliar of the milieu this group works in ... check out their myspace and find out more)

If I feel a little more constructive (yes I've chosen this word carefully) in the next few days I might post a review. But first impressions are that this is a much lighter sounding album compared to the others they have done - certainly the use of synthesizers (many analogue) creates a warmer sound - matmos can be quite abrasive at times.

Let me play this a few more times and we'll see ... for now it still makes my 2008 list but Portishead is still in prime position ... and I'd be very surprised that come the end of the year ... its still not thr crowning glory.

(Ok - the 24 minute title track is da bomb!!!!)

Addendum - 11 Jun 2008

Ok - you're going to scoff at this. But I did a "backup" of the basic cd version of this album. It sounds different - almost like listening to an entirely different album to my vinyl copy. I prefer the vinyl - no surprises here I guess.


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