Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Random Thoughts Pt 2

Ok ... just doing some random thoughts again just so I don't forget things ...

- vale Sydney Pollack - he didn't seem that frail and now watching his character in Will & Grace will have a certain poignancy and added nuance.
- the Bill Henson debate rages on - pity that he does half look the part
- west footsray - the new little India - discuss (that frozen kulfi - I tell you what!!! Obesity here I come)
- Bacala (or lao if you're portuguese) - finally made it - ate it - loved it
- now own a dvd player that plays divx formats - unfotch will still need to keep the old player as this new one is region restricted - what the??
- still loving the Portishead album and also the Black Ghosts mix - seriously
- made first cd wow and amazon purchases - haven't quite made my mind up yet

Ok photos and details to follow!!


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