Monday, 17 March 2014

Time to Draw the Line ... beating the ape with a yardstick

Ok ... first up what is happening to this damn country??!! How the hell has it turned so very ugly ... in so very many ways. And who the fuck is the current government working for anyways?? Their salaries and pension rates should be performance based instead!! Unemployment rises, then their salary and benefits decrease proportionately. Unable to provide equitable healthcare and educational benefits for the general public, then expenses should be restricted to only essential travel and board.

Otherwise the air of putrescence filters down from the top and we're faced with self bloated minions clinging onto the fetid petticoats of a staid and frankly archaic hierarchy making ridiculous decisions like this just because the flacid rules of bureaucracy were not followed to the T. People open your eyes and really see ... and that's the T Dahling!!

John Gorilla on Pearson Street was partly funded by ordinary folk in the hood as it were through fund raising platform Pozible. Be warned, if you are all Beci Orpined out and wouldn't care to see another candy coloured triangle for the rest of your life, said Beci designed quite a bit of the interior. And of course there's those yardsticks ... who could begrudge them the quirk and colour ... its a great and welcoming space if nothing else.

All in all its a welcoming cafe with a warm and inviting vibe, despite some of the rather disgruntled punters who are quick with their text hungry fingers and compusion to emote online begging to differ.

The food is simple, unadorned and served on some rather wonderful mismatched melamine plates.

I had the BLT and M went for some pulled meat number, both performing rather decently in the flavour stakes. I won't comment on prices because at the end of the day, location determines those. And really if you want your bog standard burger and fries, some local RSL's provide quite a decent feed. And if you are happy with that, then why would you even come here in the first place.

So let me try and loosen my judgey pants and surmise that John Gorilla is a great cafe, amongst a myriad of wonderful eateries this town has to offer. But don't forget that this is a volatile industry, and if us punters stop patronising our favourite cafes, then standards are likely to drop, or worse, places like John Gorilla may very well cease to exsist, and then we'll be left with the plastic fantastic crew, only concerned with making a quick buck!

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