Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Hazy Shade of Singers - Part 5 - High Above the Clouds in the Singapore Flier

Ok ... there's really no way of capturing the experience of being in the Singapore Flier and I'm not really going to try.

So here's a little video that might give you a bit of an idea. And then some random pics to follow ...

I haven't quite decided whether it was worth the SGD$30++ that it cost. I'm certainly not rushing to the Southern Star, or whateve the heck its called for fear of plunging to my death, or worse being stuck in a glass box with no air-conditioning for hours on end as someone invariably inept tries to rectify the situation.

And on such a hazy, smog filled day, it wasn't quite the "wow!" experience I was hoping to have.

Still its always great to see things from a different perspective. You might just discover some strange delights like this football pitch built over water ... I mean why not?

And the machinery itself throws up some interesting visual angles. So it was one way of passing about a half an hour before moving on to the next thing.


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