Thursday, 20 March 2014

If I was Amy Adams, and you were Christian Bale ... all smiles at the Mary Lipshut/Hawkeye Vintage designer sale

Ok ... so I used up my precious lunch hour to peruse the racks of the late Mary Lipshut's collection at the pop up Hawkeye Vintage Designer sale in the city.

A sea of Vintage Courrege Bell Bottoms

I felt like the Amy Adams character in American Hustle when the Christian Bale character invites her back to his Laundry and she tries on these amazing disco gowns that have been left uncollected ... only I'm not Amy Adams, let alone a woman ... so all I could do was pretend.

Missoni Heaven! Interesting fact - I was in Florence the day Ottavio Missoni died

Still if you love retro, and you're in Melbourne for the next 3 days, then hop on over to 377 Little Bourke Street and head up to the first level. Just ignore those nasty fashionistas, but keep your ears open for some delicious eavesdroppings (I'm patenting this particular conjugation!).

I Spy Vintage Versace resort - double breasted, complete with gold buttons and shoulder pads

Prices start from $20 upwards to $15000 +. Its worth the rummage even though most of these garments target the long limbed and anorexic-waisted amongst us. If nothing else, you can treat this like an exhibition piece and revel in a piece of Melbourne Fashion history, when colours and Rayon reigned supreme.


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