Friday, 21 March 2014

A Hazy Shade of Singers - Part 6 - Getting our Posh on at Ann Siang Hill

Ok ... its been an endurance test hasn't it?! Well I promise this is more or less the final post on my recent trip to Singapore. 

After our brunch in the delightful heartland of Tiong Bahru, we hopped back on the MRT and headed out to another cool area in Singapore - Tanjong Pagar - although you certainly would need to step up your game if you want to move here.

Tanjong Pagar bordering Singapore's Chinatown hosts many of the island's sexed up shophouses - now retailing for millions to get that white washed wooden slatted exterior with sparse minimalism interiors.

Many of the cool urbane clothing and design stores have gone, replaced by a myriad of cafes and bars each vying for the tourist dollar with special offers and artfully placed knick-knackery and kampung style alfresco seating - and by artfully placed I mean blocking the entire fucking footpath!

Anyhoo, PS Cafe is still here up on top of Ann Siang Hill, where a slightly less salubrious establishment stood not so many years ago, affording punters an amazing view of the CBD skyline, so impressive a vista it is during the day that you could almost reach out and touch a building, then exploding into a universe of twinkling lights as the sun sets.

After having a meal here a few years ago, I was determined to visit the place again with M, this time for cocktails ... which is exactly what we did.

I must warn you that this is not the cheapest of establishments, but if you work out the exchange rate, the prices really aren't that much different at a reputable bar here in Melbourne.

Oh but the list is tempting!!

My friend Licio had the Black Sesame Martini when she was here last and loved it. And I trust the girl's taste (apart from that brief misguided stone-washed phase she went through). And it was delicious - coconuty and rich - with 2 types of Vodka (Straight Belvedere and Vanilla infused), a splash of Malibu and milk - it went down all too easily.

M had the Ginger Margarita, with a sugar rim. A concoction of Tequila, Grand Marnier and Lime Juice, it was both spicy and refreshing. The heat from the Ginger and the sweet lime masking the strong heady alcoholic kick - this one is a bit of a creeper - Everything goes swimmingly until you get off your seat and then everything goes swimmingly!!

For our second cocktail (ppht ... duh!), we decided to pick one of their signature cocktails. I went for the Vodka Cheng Teng, which was HEAVEN! Cheng Teng is actually a popular local dessert made out of dried longans, dates, white fungus and barley stewed in a sort of sugar syrup and eaten out of a bowl.

Unless you have eaten this dish and love it, you're not really going to appreciate the magnitude of this next sentence. But for all my Singaporean and Malaysian readers out there ... this drink was like Cheng Teng but with Vodka added!! Genius!! I loved it. I can't tell you how very much I loved it.

M had the Bee Sting which is essentially a Vodka Gin and Tonic but infused with chilli, Lemongrass, Lime Juice, Honey and Kaffir Lime leaves.

Your initial sip is of the overpowering Kaffir lime, but as the drink wears on, the other flavours start coming to the fore ... all in all a very complex sophisticated drink!

This is a definite must-visit ... but bewarned, each cocktail on average is round the S$19.00 mark. But there are other drinks to be had, and also an a la carte menu. Its a great place to hang out in. And I dare you to try the Dirty Cheesy Martini - basically a Martini with Grey Goose vodka and Martini peppered with blue-cheese stuffed olives ... go on!


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