Monday, 17 March 2014

A Hazy Shade of Singers - Part 2 - Clementi

Ok ... In search of the elusive Sup Kambing, we travelled west towards Clementi by way of Chinatown. We were in Temple Street, where a number of restaurant suppliers have set up shop, looking for M's tart press.

Chinatown is a hive of activity, absolutely thronging with tourist traps and studied cultural colour. There are also quite a few boutique hotels with some amazingly interiored rooms. Its well worth a visit and will give you a general idea of what old Singapore looked like before the days Air Conditioning took over the island. But try not to get sucked in!

After a futile search we made our way towards Clementi where a quick google search informed us "reliably" that there was a Sup Kambing stall, of the old variety - there are Mutton soup stalls for days, but you need to find one with the signature large-bellied metal pot, preferably simmering over a charcoal fire.

After a few misteps working out that Block numbers constitute street numbers, we finally made it to Subhaini Family Stall - and it certainly didn't dissappoint. The pieces that were selected for our bowls were boneless, and apparently if you want meat on the bone you have to ask for it - so take note. Ask for Tulang!

It still is a dish best cooked over charcoal as part of its peppery charm is that slight smokiness. And it should be eaten with bread, perferably limp french stick ... or if you want to be really Fahncy, then proper crsipy French stick.

We scored a couple of spice packets at a provision store nearby which will hopefully approximate this dish in our home kitchen. I will remain opptimistic.

After filling our bellies, we explored the shinier more modern side of Clementi with its towering condominiums and public scupltures (Singapore loves its public sculptures!).


All in all a wonderfully satisfying day.


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