Monday, 31 May 2010


Ok ... for someone who's lived half his life in tropical climes, winter still holds a strange fascination ... even after spending 20 winters in cold rooms under warm doonas ... I still think of the snow-blighted lands of Narnia ... or of sleighrides covered in animal skins; ice glinting in the watery winter sun ... magical worlds populated by the cruel and haughty but always beautiful ... or the homespun comforts of a hot cup of chocolate against the musky odour of a hairy chest ... winter!

Green in your love on bright days
You grew sunblind you thought me unkind
To remind you how winter kills
Lost in daydreams you drove too fast and got nowhere
You rode on half fare when you got too scared
How winter kills
Tear at me searching for weak seams
Pain in your eyes makes me cruel
Makes me spiteful tears are delightful welcome your nightfall
How winter kills
I tear at you searching for weak seams
How winter kills
How Winter Kills - Yazoo

The days are okay
I watch the TV in the afternoon
If I get lonely
The sound of other voices
Other rooms are near to me, I'm not afraid

The operator
She tells the time, it's good for a laugh
There's always radio
And for a dime I can talk to God

Are you there?
Do you care?
Are you there?

And in the winter extra blankets for the cold
Fix the heater, getting old
I am wiser now, you know, and still as big a fool
Concerning you

I met your friend
She's very nice, what can I say?
It was an accident
I never dreamed we'd meet again this way
You're looking well, I'm not afraid

You have a lovely home
Just like a picture, no, I live alone
I found it easier
You must remember how I never liked

The party life
Up all night
Lovely wife
You have a lovely wife

And in the winter extra blankets for the cold
Fix the heater, getting old
You are with her now, I know
I'll live alone forever, not together now
In the Winter


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