Sunday, 9 May 2010

A Pre-blog cook-up

Ok ... as you may know (and probably couldn't care a toss) I am slowly but steadily transferring all the posts from my old blog on here. Most of the photos have been easily retrieved with the old right-click palaver, but some simply refuse to be "saved-picture-as'd" and I have had to resort to combing through endless folders of old pictures some of which I have possibly deleted ... alas that is indeed the way of the world!! But sometimes the world does throw you a bit of relief and this is one of those ocassions. I have found some photos from a pre-blog cookup which I think was done in November 2006 ... at least thats the date listed in the folder name.

The details of this are lost in the ether of time, but this was the seafood ravioli gone wrong when certain parties insisted on using lasagna sheets instead of wonton sheets as per my recommendation (face - rub - in - your!!)

I believe the menu went as thus:

Entree - Moreton Bay Bug and Scallop  Ravioli  Rissolles (was meant to be lobster but we baulked at the price)
Main - Roasted Poussins wrapped in vine leaves (sorry I'm not trying too hard here)
Desert - Lemon Tart (which I remember being a triumph of mediation as it was not too tart and not too sweet)

As usual, we started with the job of pastry making:

And I probably began cooking the sauce.

When we finally gave up on the lasgana sheets, I turned what should have been Ravioli into rather fancy rissoles.

The Poussins were lovingly wrapped in a layer of Prosciutto and then rugged up in their little coats of vine leaves.

M put the finishing touches on his scalloped potatoes.

 Before the oven

After the oven

And pretty soon its was "a-table" with satisfied punters to boot.




One Happy Punter
and the rest of the crew


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