Wednesday, 5 May 2010

ceo - douglas has just heard the future

Ok ... are you suppurated by the throwaway rock/pop that is shovelled out like slops in a pig pen to all who grovel in the trough of what is deemed music these days??? Well my friend Douglas thinks he has just heard the future in ceo ... and if this is an accurate taster of whats to come ... and not simply the best of the bunch .. then I think I will have to agree. Lets see what label journospeak comes up with for this ....

If the little snippet of vocals sound a tad familiar its because Eric Berglund who is essentially ceo is from the Tough Alliance. Its those damn Scandies again!! And surprise surprise, Modular has snapped this up.

Anyways, his solo effort under the moniker of ceo "White Magic" drops in July on these shores. I'm a little excited. There's been so many great electronic albums so far ... I think I need to do a round up post soon.


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