Saturday, 1 May 2010

Chinoiserie - Florence Broadhurst Pop Up Store

Ok .. we spent Saturday arvo over at the Ghost town called the Docklands (cue tumbleweeds) ... but we were there for a purpose - the Florence Broadhurst popup sale.

Florence Broadhurst was an intriguing figure. She was the Warhol of wallpaper in Sydney and gained notoriety by being possibly a victim of the serial killer John Wayne Glover. Her death remains unsolved to this day.

All I can say is if I had a big enough house and cash to spare, I would definitely had at least a panel of her wallpaper if not an entire wall. M really loved the yellow cockies and I was a big fan of the fans!! Although there was a peacock pattern in silver with subtle light blue highlights which I adored.

Gillian Armstrong produced a rather quirky documentary on Florence's life called Unfolding Florence which is well worth checking out. Its a shame that in these rather conservative times such characters seem less likely to evolve or gain the same intrigue and significance. Now its all about behaving badly for the sake of behaving badly ... or worse ... thugs and corrupt buffoons!


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