Monday, 24 May 2010

A TV Dinner

Ok ... Masterchef has been ths source of office conversations, texts and FB rants ... and has now transcended electronic media and found its place on the dinner table at friendly gatherings ...

Inspired by Jimmy's goat curry, the H's had us over for a lovely dinner which rounded off a bittersweet day when we farewelled our dear friends during the day and reconnected with dear friends that night ... nothing like a fantastic meal and even better company to take the edge off a potentially mopey Saturday ... and nobody wants one of those!

We had goat curry served with Puri (well done M!!), chicken rice, simple tomato salad and Raita. M & K are our foodie friends in the fridge. In fact, I'm suprised that their attendance has not been counted in one of our cookups, being deft hands in all things culinaire themselves.

I don't think K would be too upset if I said that M certainly holds the reigns in that kitchen. He is certainly a master of pulling a complex dinner together ... and, like the gourmands amongst us, is inspired by other great cooks, fresh and interesting produce, and is a fellow devotee at the shrine of herbs and spices ... whats more ... he treats these elements with the greatest respect but is unafraid to defy convention for the sake of discovering new tastes and sensations ...

So an invite to dinner cannot be easily declined ... and really why would you??

Here's the man in action sweating spices and a mirepoix.

Puree in the making. M panfries his so minimal bubbling is achieved. In Singers, we deep fry so that the flat disc of dough puffs up like a balloon.

Not to be outdone, K made a beautiful Orange and Yoghurt cake which was served with an Orange blossom sauce, marscapone and citrus fruits.

All in all, a great night. Although the Nietzsche-Plato-Aristostle-Murdoch conundrum was a bit of a mind fuck ... go easy on us M!

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  1. do you like Karen Martini? dc :)


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