Wednesday, 28 April 2010

This is not a complaint ... but

Ok ... what is with all the music videos these days?? Is it a reaction to the stultifying wave of conservatism that is sweeping the world today? Not only are our youth (and my own fucking generation for that matter) apathetic, but we are so easily shocked it seems, why else would the vanguard of new thought and movement (i.e. our popstars and up and coming cinematic auteurs) dip its collective toe in all things subversive like explicit violence and sexual perversion masking as black comedy ... and/or irony. As I said, I ain't complaining!!! But its something to ponder ... I've already mentione MIA's Rangercide and the tranny horror that is Health's "We are Water" well here's another shining example: Devendra Banhat's newie "Foolin":

And in other music news, this one is for all you Rice Queens out there!! This is actually pretty good!!


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