Friday, 9 April 2010

Happy River Cafe - Fitzroy in Footscray

Ok ... there's been quite a bit of activity on this blog recently ... obviously my colleagues are working extremely hard at the moment trying to get everything done before the weekend ... hhmm!!

Anyhoo, I have been ill and busy with the parentals otherwise which is why the lack of recent updates which I am now voming up for your pleasure all at once.

I finally made it to the Happy River Cafe in da hood! And let me just say that Happy River is as apt a moniker as ever. The food and the surrounds made me happy and yes it is by the river ... good ole maribyrnong ... the footscray transect!! (thats sort of an injoke  ... and R if you're reading this still missing u!!!).

We drive past this place all the time and there's always cool people enjoying the sun and wino, some sat at tables and others flolloped on the ground on colourful prayer mats which the cafe supplies. They also supply bags of toys which is why this is the local hangout for newly arrived and newly minted families.

As the weather has been exceptional these last few days we scored a table outside and ordered pretty much everything that was on the specials board. Still nursing the end of a cold I stuck to a white - pinot grig of some description - not the best but also not the worst. M was in the mood for something more cheerful and ordered a bloody mary. And they do fresh juices here!! Which is what the parentals opted for as a beverage.

We both had the Jerked Chicken that was served on Coconut rice with a side of lightly blanched spinach.

Mum had the lentil curry which came with a Pappadum and a simple salad of cucumber, tomato and onion.

And Dad had the Salmon patties .... 2 massive parma sized patties with the perfect crust with perhaps a bit more potato than salmon! served with home made tartare sauce and brimming with the fresh tastes of lemon and dill.

I wouldn't necessarily say that the food was extremely top notch, but it is reasonable enough for repeated visits. And its the closest thing to Fitzroy we have round these parts. Although I agree in part with T that the service can be a bit abrupt .... perfunctory rather! But whatevs ... we're old and grumpy and we can't all be beautiful!!


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