Thursday, 22 April 2010


Ok ... and just further on the language tip ... why is the expression "smashed it" all over the place at the moment like blisters on a chickenpoxed child!!

For example - "you came out here and absolutely smashed it" or "you smashed it ... that was a beautiful dish"
(SSYTYCD & Masterchef respectively)

I looked it up on the Urban Dictionary site (mistake!) and apparently it means "when u do summet really cool/good" ... so by natural inference, it also means that you absolutely smashed it with grammar and spelling ... and by smashed I mean completely broken!!

Anyhoo, I'm not advocating some kind of nazi codified Standard English bullshit ... but I bet this comes from America via TV/Film/Gossip websites ... and that trully grates me ... yes I admit it ... I'm still a yank basher!! So if you want to go me over that (see I can do the yoof speak!!) then just STOP!

(ps ... for the astute amongst you, the pics from my last post and this one were taken on the same day - Office Christmas party 2009 - and I've been dying to use them in some way - spurious or otherwise)


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