Sunday, 14 February 2010

Xin Nian Kuai Ler

Ok ... Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone ... Nian Nian You Yu ... and all the rest of it.

What a strange Chinese New year it was ... spent with friends, traditions, superstitions, vodka and tonics, cigarettes, drama!, real converstaion and above all else, a slap bang meal to boot for your troubles.

I learnt and re-learnt 2 things:

(i) you can't do any washing (or any other menial tasks) for 6 days starting on the 1st day of the Lunar New Year
(ii) your Chinese New Year meal must consist of Fish - which you must not finish! (M had a coronary) and noodles - for a long life of fortune

This was not like other celebratroy dinners. We started off being terribly organised, but real life intervened at a couple of spots which meant that alcohol was consummed at a rapid rate, which in turn meant that the wok was thrown out of the window along with the peanut oil (just run with it ... it works in my head anyways).

So what did we end up consuming?
(i) Nian Nian You Yu - Pan Fried Snapper with a sweet and spicy sauce - incorporating the carrots and snow peas that were meant to go with the stuffed bitter gourd and scallops
(ii) Boiled chicken with ginger and chinese red cooking wine

(iii) Braised Pork - my pick for the evening - rich and oh so succulent
I am going to rename this Chinese New Year dinner as a microcosmical (?) representation of our tri-cornered friendship - a testament not only to its longevity but to its authenticity as well .... I hope you're all extremely jealous ... as you should be.



dan cope wrote:

lOVE it... xxx
I was patting a tiger 2 weeks ago. AND i am year of the tiger. So very happy jan. xxx
15 Feb


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