Friday, 19 February 2010

IRL - the Pains of Being Pure at Heart - live at The East

Ok ... maybe because I was rockin the drop crotch in my head ... or the non-exisent asymmetrical haircut ... but I felt just like a teenager all over again ... full of unbridled excitement and hope ... or maybe its because WF was with me and she's a girl who drinks beer, cleans her plate (yeah WF I noticed!!) but still looks like she stepped off the catwalks of Milan ... or maybe its simply because the Pains of Being Pure at Heart are brilliant live ...

The PPBHs hail from NYC ... but wear their anglophile hearts proudly on their rock chic indie sleeves. Kip, the singer, wore a Belle and Sebastian T-shirt and Kurt the drummer (hawt!!) had the Young Marble Giants emblazoned across his delicious chest (yes WF drummers must have to be fit!) ... and really the band's sound is a blend of the 2 ... if nothing else they were rather apt musical signposts pointing to a love of 80s indie bands ... fey and jangly. And WF is quite right .... every cool band has at least one daggy nerd in tow ... in this case Alex on base with his buttoned up polo ... Peggy on keyboards was an absolute charmer ... so cute in that sort of arty asian chick way and a dead ringer of fashionista Suzie Bubble ... all fringe and straight hair, sharing WF's wardrobe ... and fashion tip ... ripped jeans!! Get a rock peops!!

BUT IRL (in real life) .... I'm the sad geriatric trying to look 20yrs younger listening to bands that no longer hold cultural relevance to the pace of my daily life ... but at least for an hour and a bit ... I was someone in myself that I could actually like ... and this dear readers is fundamentally why I am a music fan.

oh and that sister fucking song still creeps me out!!


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