Sunday, 14 February 2010

This is what I call a Comeback album!!! - Sade's Soldier of Love

Ok ... Wow!!! This is what I call a Comeback album indeed!!!

I don't know anyone who dislikes Sade's "Smooth Operator" ... and we all do the whole "no need to ask" with that slight orgasmic aspiration at the end. (ok maybe its just my friends)

I really didn't have high hopes for Sade's 6th album after a 10 year hiatus. But Soldier of Love could very well make my Top 2010 list.
Let me first say that Sade looks fantastic!! I remember those hoop earings, backless turtlenecks and english rose lipstick ... we all wanted to be as cool and sophisticated as her. And really, no one sounds like Sade.
This is not going to break any new musical ground. The first track to drop from the new album, Soldier of Love, may have hinted at a sight new direction, with its clattering percussion and synth-driven background, but the rest of the tracks are quinteseential jazz-lite Sade.
But this is welcome relief from all of that noisy auto-tune madness that constitutes contemporary r&b these days. Yeah you know how to use a computer ... we get it ... but all hail the saxophone solo!!! This is panadeine forte in all its mp3 glory.

PS - And here's another reason why I LOVE my ADSL2 - my iPhone update used to take more than 2 hours to download - it now only takes 5 mins!!


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