Sunday, 7 February 2010

Crispy Skin Duck with Orange and Star Anise sauce

Ok ... I'm plugging another blog that my gorgeous friend D got me onto. Although I am a little peeved that she won't inveigle an invite for me since she kinda knows them and all ... anyhoo, if you are in any way interested in cooking and asian food, then this is the site for you -

Its an extremely well laid out blog with easy to follow instructions and photos. I have already attempted 2 of the recipes but this third one was by far the most successful. So what did we cook for tea tonight? Crispy fried Duck with Orange and Star Anise sauce. You can find the recipe here -
I started by preparing the szechuan pepper and salt rub:
Then I combined all the spices and wet ingredients:
I couldn't find duck breasts so we bought maryland pieces instead which I de-boned:
Then I prepared the vegetable component. Cutting up spring onions for garnish and stir frying some bok choy with salt and a bit of sesame oil:
I pan-fried the duck pieces and bunged them in the oven, sticking close to the times listed on the recipe and ensuring that the meat was well-rested:


While the oven-cooked duck pieces were resting, I cooked out the orange and star-anise sauce:
Having reduced the amount of liquid and thickening the sauce with some corn flour, we were ready for the assemblage! And a pretty fine dish it was too:

So easy and so very very yummy. You have to try this and let me know how it went for you.
Temasek wrote:

OMG ... I'm so embarrased Suresh!! But thank YOU for the recipe and instructions!!
19 Feb
suresh chong wrote:

Didn't realized you have a blog! Thanks for the mention! You have done a fantastic job! :)
18 Feb
dan cope wrote:

Good man... Well done.. I saw your heading and just knew it! Hugs to you xxx
8 Feb


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