Saturday, 6 February 2010

Impromptu Nights - dinner with the "girls" at Vinh Ky

Ok ... here's to Impromptu nights of food and drink.

Now that most of our friends are comfortably esconced in the cul de sac of raising life, we rely on our "girl"friends to supply us with spontaneity. Unfortunately this doesn't happen as often as we like, but last night it did and how.
I get a missed call from CC while I'm at the gig on Thursday night. We finally catch up on the phone and arrange to have dinner with D in tow at Vinh Ky on Vic Street. I have not hyperlinked Vinh Ky as I believe standards have slipped - but the sliced beef soup is still a smple bowl of yummy msg!!! (there is msg ... but I love it all the same).
We started off with some scallops cooked 3 ways - with ginger, black beans and XO sauce:

The XO sauce version was by far the best, with the ginger second and the black bean a very dissappointing third.

This was swiftly followed by our mains, including the soup listed above:
(i) Pipis in XO sauce served with what is colloquially known as Chinese doughnuts:
(ii) Crispy skin chicken (a Vinh Ky specialty)
(iii) Belachan Kang Kong (of course!!)
As always, our "drunken dregs" are always delightful company. M had a particularly stressful day so he was in fine form. We had pre and post dinner drinks over at the Vic. If you're a Vic Street denizen then there's no better local for you. And a Hendricks G & T only costs $9. Bargain. Oh and the DJ is good!!


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