Saturday, 20 December 2008

Will this year never end??

Ok ... so will this year never end???

I'm sorry things have been quiet over here on the western front, but its the whole chrissie yuletide business that is so very time consuming ... the lines at Myer and JB ... people just milling and milling and buying crap because they're obligated to ... not really because they care for the people they're buying for ... happy merry ho ho christmas .... the older I get the scrooger I become .... BUT

the christmas carols are on high rotation on the iPOD ... AND .. two turkeys are slowly melding with a eurasian marinade in the fridge ready for the heat of the oven ... the air hangs heavy with 5 spice and rice wine ... the house is reasonably spotless ... the weather is (considering the last few wintry days) fucking fantastic ... and we even shelled peas .... so who's in the christmas spirit today??!!

So to all my faithful readers ... I know some of you ... and perhaps most I don't ... but if you have got a little chuckle from reading these pages ... or perhaps had a moment of reflection as a result of whats been written ... then I wish you and yours a truly happy (not sappy) Christmas!!

(MISO strikes again ... I believe)



Phoenix wrote:

Merry Christmas, Temasek!
25 Dec


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