Saturday, 6 December 2008

Another Away Day - some lovely photos and a great feed

Ok ... so M had 2 days in lieu so I took 2 days off as well, abutting a weekend, so you know ... like fantastic!!

So I took M to L's final year NMIT exhibition called NAMES at the Cambridge Studio Gallery on 52 Cambridge Street, Collingwood. I went to the opening night with K & M, but it was "packed to the rafters" and we couldn't really get to see much of what was on display. Also, we had N in tow, so it made the whole appreciation side a bit problematic. Still we were really there for L, and the drink, and there was food as well!!! The tandoori chicken wraps were prety impressive, and so was the collection for that matter.

Anyways, now was a chance for M to see it as he was at rehearsal on the night, and for me to have a better look.

I've had a discussion with someone about whether photography is art, and I guess vice versa ... obviously photographic artworks aren't a matter of simply pointing and shooting, there's lighting, composition, and editing, superimposing .. all manner of computer and development trickery to produce a piece that is visually and thematically challenging. Although, pointing and shooting may very well be the MO of a particular artist, and the meaning is within the method itself ... so all things considered, yes Photography is a valid form of art ... but it all boils down to what your concept of art is ... (we'll leave the tiny matter of installation art alone)

Anyways, since her name is now in public forum, I will dispense with intitials and mention that Lauren J Marshall, a personal friend, is also a fantastic Photographer and artist. I encourage all of you who read this and are able to get yourself down to the gallery as these are indeed "the names to watch for".

I am waiting for L to make a name for herself, in the scheme of things, she's pretty much just starting out, but already such amazing work!! I was moved by the photos when I saw them. Catalogues never do these justice. Apart from that, I have 2 prints and a photo from her ... so you know ... nest egg!!! And if you see Katrina Putker's photos ... I have fallen in love 3 times!!!

As we were peckish, we wandered down to Smithers and decided to stop at the Wood Spoon Kitchen, this cute little japanese hole in the wall, to have a spot of lunch.

We had the lunch set menu and both opted for seaweed salad instead of the soy milk pudding. I had the kakuki don, which is slow braised pork served with pickeld veg, egg cooked in teriyaki suace I guess over a bed of sushi rice. Martin had the gyu don ... similar idea but with beef instead. We washed this down with Kirrin beer, it was the perfect lunch at the perfect spot, tiny but effortlessly cool!! Gets the big tick!!

Can't wait to go back to try the Onigiri, rice balls with a variety of fillings that are made on the spot.


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