Saturday, 27 December 2008

Ok ... rundown of Christmas festivities so far ...

20th Dec - Turkey night:
Entree - mini quiches
Main - 2 fat turkeys with roasted potatoes and parsnips, beans with proscuitto, mushrooms and shallots, carrots and fresh peas
Dessert - sticky date pudding

24th Dec - Family:
Entree - savoury souffles with asparagus
Main - Roast chicken with preserved lemon stuffing and assorted roasted veg
Dessert - chocohotopot

25th Dec - crashed the H's family christmas
Assorted nibblies to start
Entree - chicken ball and noodle soup
Mains - 7 hour lamb, garlic prawns, 2 types of baked salmon, beans and potato salad
Dessert - lemon tart

27th Dec - christmas with the gays
M's famous guacamole
Lunch - rendang, sayur lodeh, spicy tofu, south indian easter chicken, rack of lamb
Dinner - 4kg beef fillet roasted with assorted roast vegetables

28th Dec - Yum Cha

so ... can you blame my tummy ... oh mamma!! (oh and my liver ain't too happy either .... M's not the only one who's going to have tight balls).


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