Friday, 5 October 2007

Another Canto-Pop Karaoke Singer Bites the Dust!!

Ok … so they’ve finally booted Lana out!! She was a car crash waiting to happen anyways. Bless her, she’s young and pretty … but we don’t need another canto-pop karaoke singer … for south-east Asians old enough to get this …. Tracy Huang anyone??!!! Need I say more.

Tarisai was in the bottom three not because black rnb (not Pop … RnB) singers have never been a major market in Australia, not because she is a new Australian with big hair, big lips and big hips but because this girl needs to let rip and stop pretending to be the modest daisy among the tulips … if you have attitude show attitude!!! Don’t cry and pretend to be “oh Lana is my roommate and bestie” when you clearly were uncomfortable when she reached across to give you a hug at the start … you only went in for the kill when the camera was fully on you … oh honey!!! We’ve soooo got your number!!!
I think that Ben and Matt still remain my favourites, although I really didn’t think that was a touchdown performance … gosh we are so being manipulated here … but whatevs!!!
Daniel continues to bore me …. I’m going to have to downgrade him from husband material to one night stand … ok maybe fuckbuddy … coz I can’t resist that chest and face. Mark da Costa is great … but just not my cup of tea … BUT who knows … if he gets rid of the metal riff histrionics … I may very well be surprised … as for Carl ………………………………….. oops sorry I must have dozed off. Where was I, oh Natalie … you know she’s bordering on a Cossima for me … great voice, great expression on her face, seems like a really nice girl … but I think her range stylwise is limited. She needs to do the quiet "girl at her keyboard" songs. I bet if she sang Joni Mitchell’s “River” or “A Case of You” we’d have waterworks.
Now I hope everyone is watching Damages with Glenn Close and Rose Bryne!!! FAN-FUCKIN-TASTIC!!! As long as it doesn’t fall into a turgid screenwriters black hole like LOST did, I’ll be watching it till the cows come home, get fed and then slaughtered for some nice rump steaks for the Barbie. It twists and turns and you never know who to trust … orgasmic!!
Oh and how the hell did I get sucked into “So you think you can dance” and whats more … how the hell did M get sucked in along with me????


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