Wednesday, 10 October 2007

The Zoo .... as promised

Ok the Zoo the Zoo, hate to be parochial, but Melbourne Zoo ain’t no patch on Singers … and for $23, I really want more bang (or growl, or snarl) for my buck. Don’t go after lunch … the animals have fed and are sleeping their meals off … which means that you need bloody ultraviolet to pick out the fauna among the flaura. It was a lovely sunny day … and it is something to do. There weren’t too many photo-ops I’m afraid, only because most of the animals were in hiding or in shadow. The elephant trail was pretty impressive … but it would be even better if you got there when the elephants were actually walking through. We got to see one soaking in the water playing with a log which was entertaining enough (god they’re huge!!) but the set up (sort of faux idonesian/thai village) reminded me of the Malay village in Singapore … which by the way is woeful ….don’t even waste your time!!!

Oh and some of the punters … lordy lordy!!! We weren’t sure whether we were meant to look at the baboons in the cage or out of the cage!!! As for the hyenas … they were pretty quiet …. But girlfriend over here was giving an excellent demonstration of how they would sound like when hunting in a pack … !!

Oh and far be it from me to critique other people’s dress sense, but honey, if you’re preggers and know that you’re going to be walking round the zoo with your skanky ass boyfriend … don’t wear white pvc, pointy, high heel boots … apart from being soooo last season … its just going to make you grumpy and you know what …. Ur preggers …. Ur well and truly boned … no one’s going to be worrying about the turn of your heel or how thin your ankles aren’t!! Put on those Diana Ferrari slip-ons and slop into some traky-daks. If you need to bling it up, as invariably your types do … stick a bloody juicy couture patch on and pretend you’re in LA LA!! (or should that read Vegas) Oh am I being too mean … I’m sorry but try-hard fashion is worse than clueless fashion.

Anyways, here are some piccies … got to love those meerkats .. wish I had a gaggle of them in my backyard. .. way too cute!!



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