Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Australia Voted

Ok goodbye Holly!!

Was it really because of song choice?? Is it really a case of drivel for the common multitude?? Are you forcing me to be elitist??? I mean come on!! Its only The Gossip!!! We're not talking anything horribly esoteric like Tuung or Dungen or Sigur Ros or Fennesz or .... shit the list goes on!!! Good Onya Holly!!!! Australian Idol .... surefire career path to Z-grade celebrity!! I mean Guy who?? Shannon what?? Casey Where??? 



~ wrote:
sweet heavens above, what a monstrous picture! she sure has let herself go hasn't she? any minute now you'll see tiny japanese men trying to harpoon her and drag her into the bow doors of a massive ship for 'scientific research'
8 Oct


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