Friday, 5 October 2007

I guess no one really likes Portuguese Tarts

Ok ... so no more Mark Da Costa!! Pity ... I did find him mildly interesting. Although he's one of those blokes that shouldn't do the spray on jeans look ... especially with the cuban heels ... I know its all MatRock (sorry its a singers reference) and everything ... heavy metal T and red cord flares .... hanging out at Peninsula Plaza in the 80s ... but it just didn't gel with him ... FUCKnHell peops why is Carl still in ... c'mon australia ... we seriously can't all be that boring?? This is a sad call to arms for integration!! They should have a taste test for immigration ... we have enough conservative vanilla munching religious bigots who are scared of the sky falling down on them every time they step out of their suburban boundaries and god forbid!! experience something beyond Channel 7, 9 and 10, the local takeaway and their nearest stepford mall ... are you interesting culturally by default, speak a LOTE, eat or better yet cook foreign food, then tick yes and c'mon in .... 
After last Sunday's idol performances, Ben has moved straight to the top of my list with a rocket!!! I can't get that Imogen Heap song out of my head now. I didn't realise that "85% of the youth" would know this song ... is it on some OC-lite show somewhere?? But anyhoos ... the original is particularly spectacular .. in that its all vocoder, multitracked and acapella ... sorta Laurie Anderson on prozac. Ben did a sterling job ... why no touchdown Mark .... and how the hell did Daniel get one??? Just coz he got a little emotional?? thats coz he knows that he really doesn't cut it in this competition ... rabbit in the headlights.
Oh and before I forget ... P, I'm not getting aggressive!!! Its always been this way honey.... and I've decided that you can pull off a one button Assin jacket ... and those THomas Cameron pants are hot!!! I soooo need to get there and get tailormade!! I found an Akira my size ... I tried it on and then walked away .... I am very proud of myself for doing that ... however I caved in with an AG top. Oh and Saba has SS sizes ... P ... I think they would fit you perfectly.
Ok back to Idol ... this week its Brit pop nite .... now its always tricky when they set these themes .... are we talking any british based pop? Or are we talking BritPop as  journospeak genre ... meaning Blur, Primal, Oasis, Pulp et al??? Who knows ... but I'm hanging to find out the songlist.
On a slightly less savoury note ... I have a question ... why do we have armpit hair ... what fucking purpose does it serve??? Answers on the back of a postcard!!
(oh and yes Zoo Pics in next entry ... r u excited??? well then more fool you!!)
((oh and Heroes is Back!!! Milo shirtless and handcuffed in shipping container ... ooh babeee!!!))


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