Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Mr Britpop-lite ... cya Later!

Ok .. so I don’t want to keep waffling on about Aus Idol but Britpop night left me totally underwhelmed. But I did get choked up with Jacob getting booted out. He was so gracious when he sang Let it Be and shook everyone’s hand. Poignant really, a hymn to fatality or creativity .. depending on which side of the denominational fence you are. Yet again I ask … what the fuck is Carl still doing in this competition!!! 

Fave listens at the mo: PJ Harvey and Alice Smith
Oh and we saw Ratatouille … I think M got more out of it than I did, but it was a lot of fun … and I absolutely adore the Sun Cinema in Yarraville … in fact I adore Yarraville full stop … we had a yummy lunch at HausFrau … We shared a chicken and rocket focc and a sweet corn and parmesan muffin … really good coffees too!!
And I have to curb my clothes spending … damn you David Jones sale!!!! No more unnecessary purchasing until singers …. But I still lust after those Kenneth Cole calf length boots.
Spoke to Dad yesterday and heard that C sold his Aura Park flat as part of an en bloc sale!!!! (sorry yet another Singers reference)  I loved that place. Wish I had digital photos to upload … but the last time I took pics over there I was still entrenched in the dark ages of celluloid film. It was perfectly positioned and had such a great outlook and feel. Plus there were a few hot bods below … with their slutty sarong party (only Singaporeans would get this and then would say that its pot calling the kettle black … haha) girls … you know the ones … straight floppy hair, perfect tan … designer jewelry and shoes!! Oh I so always wanted to be one … HAHAHA! And who could forget those crazy nuns in the convent across the way … screaming with laughter one new year’s eve, and the middle-aged german frump who always seemed to take her cigga break on the balcony when I was frolicking in the pool …and the pebbled floor of the showers …and Mariah wafting through the common void from the apartment below …oh happy days.
I made myself depressed again by googling my old schoolmates … well the ones that I remember anyways … its too pathetic isn’t it. But to bolster my confidence, I wrote a song .. now if I can only remember where my fingers should be on the piano …… hehe.
(The sewing machine is a hydra louching over my pillow whilst I sleep …. The red zip and cardie pulsate in my dreams … and everywhere I see shorts, shorts and more shorts)
Ok I am back … just kinda freaked out about the whole sewing machine saga … and because I’ve got that Imogen Heap song stuck in my head .. it’s like a constant reminder …
“Hide and Seek
Trains and Sewing Machines”

You know what peops, I really don’t want to grow old … or rather I really don’t want to act old and be around old people (and I’m not talking age). People who are excited about new things and pop culture craziness!!! People who still like drinking and laughing at silly totally unconnected things. Oh well.
I’m going to stop rambling now. Sorry readers!!


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