Thursday, 11 October 2007

Radiohead Angst

Ok … Radiohead Angst!!! I have decided to order the Radiohead disc box online. I’m still not sure if I should do it now and risk not being here when the damn thing arrives, or wait until I get back from Singers. Oh this is too hard!! The digital download is available today. So I have bit the bullet and ordered that. I paid 5 GBP which I think is fair.

I can’t wait for the download now. I’m so distracted at work thinking about it. I even emailed the bloody customer service to ask their advice on delivery dates. But on the plus side, I have organized BDO tix … so I finally get to see Bjork live!! Hopefully Battles/LCD Soundsystem & Arcade Fire do not clash as they are the other 3 acts that I’m hanging to see. I can’t wait. I may even walk to the Showgrounds. I’ll have to be good and give the side shows a miss. I will be paying off my trip at that stage.
You know how I mentioned Spring in a previous post …. Well today is a stunner of a day. And having a long sleeve t-shirt over a short sleeve T is overdressed .,. that’s how nice it is. I think I should bring my camera to work soon and take some random snaps. There’s a piece of the library building sitiing on a parapet near the delivery entrance that has a hand carved on it. I sooo want to steal it for the garden … its times like these I wish I had a whizzbang mobile with a camera. Or at least one of those slimline sony cams. Knowing me by the time I get round to organizing this, it would have gone.
I’m writing this at work because the bloody system is down … and has been since 9.30am and its now 2 in the arvo. My work is piling up so it’s a little inconvenient. And I’m a bit snuffly so I hope I’m not getting M’s cold. So please cold go away!! I was sick at my last B’day too, and I’d really like to have a fun time this year.
Systems back on ... so its back to work peops!!!


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