Friday, 27 July 2012

This little piggy went to market ... and got its ears lobbed off!

Ok ... so we've been suitably inspired by some of the things we've seen on Masterchef (thank fuck thats over with ... it was a whole bunch of "meh" I can tell you ... Audra should have won btw ... we Singaporeans need to stick together) including Mindy's fish floss ... total fail! I think I burnt it. But despite the set backs we have been trying more adventurous fare including Pig's Ears Crackling ala Builder's Arms.

The incredulous looks and quizzical smirks we got trying to order just one Pig's ear was frankly not amusing in the least. Money is money peops.

Anyhow I think we made a pretty decent stab at it. We slow cooked the Pig's ears in some aromatics and stock for about 12 hours. Then we baked it in the oven between baking sheets flattened by a weight for about half an hour (could have been longer) to dry it out. Then we sliced the ears and deep fried the pieces in the wok.

And we literally (yes!) pigged out after that. Yum.


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