Thursday, 19 July 2012

Madam Kay's Platz - verwunderlich!!

Ok ... Selamat datang ke blog saya. Semuga anda terhibur membacanya. Sila tinggalkan kome sebelum anda beredar*. So I haven't suddenly gone dyslexic, nor have I managed to master my Father tongue in the seconds it took to type the 3 sentences above.

But as Kumah says "God is great. He has a reason for everything", there is indeed a reason for me lapsing into this Austronesian vernacular, and that is to wax lyrical about Madam Kay's Platz (yes you read that right ... there is an odd German inflection in the name!) Is Madam Kay's Platz that much catchier than Madam Kay's Place? It could just be Madam Kay's after all, the aprostrophe does render the "Place" slightly redundant.

Anyhoo, Madam Kay's, which is a hop skip and a jump from the office, is my occasional go-to place for a quick takeaway lunch. And I know that the good old bain-marie does the opposite to what a spray of oil and water does for dishes that have been styled for a glossy magazine photograph, in that everything starts to meld into one indiscernable mono-coloured mess. But I don't care. And I really don't care that any of it is even remotely recognizable as a typical "malaysian" dish, you wouldn't really understand unless you've grown up in a Malay household the amazing nostalgic hit that Madam Kay's "2 meat plus 1 veg crammed into a plastic container barely warm borderline cold" elicits.

This is home cooking at its default best in a town that despite its gastronomic pretensions has managed to overlook some of the culinary touchpoints (genuine Malay and South Indian) of my childhood.

Today's lunch consisted of fried chicken (turmeric flecked and so delicious), some spicy beef number with pieces of gelatinous fat and a mixed veg of green leafy and capiscum. Now if they can only manage a little splodge of sambal belachan ...

*Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave a comment before you go.

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