Sunday, 29 July 2012

Picking through the ashes of Trimapee - another Fashion post

Ok ... its been a long time coming, but here's another Fashion post for those sartorially minded amongst us.

I walk past the Trimapee store almost on a daily basis as its en route from the station to my work.

I've known this lable since it first open doors on Johnston Street, and have always been fascinated by (a) the monochromatic pallet, when everyone else was still into loud prints/slogans on T-shirts, and (b) the sheer Melbourn-ness of it all - black and drapey.

But this is fashion as high art, or art as high fashion ... totally a matter of opinion. All you need to know and/or fear is that the vast majority of their clothing is unisex, and consists of drapey hemlines that stretch beyond the waist and the knees on occasion. You need to be skinny and yes a bit of a peacock to be able to pull their looks off ... a pretty full wallet also helps ... as Trimapee outfits do not come cheap.

Sadly, as with most of the individualistic local fashion labels, Trimapee will soon be upstaking and moving to other opportunities in Paris and the retail arm of their business is set to close by the end of the year.

So its a good time at least to consider purchasing one or two items heavily reduced that perhaps you can work into your wardrobe as a bit of a special accent.

I found a crinkly crushed dyed T-shirt cut asymmetrically, and a bleach flecked scarf with a scrunch and tie in order for you to fix the drape around your neck. I was hoping for a jacket of sorts but could not find one that fitted, and I regret not purchasing the long shirt when I first saw it, as it had already been sold by the time of my second visit.

The T-shirt will have to wait for warmer weather for its debut, but the scarf has already had its first look-in.


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