Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Did Maggie Beer take over a kitchen in Footscray?

Ok ... I doubt it! But when I read Lamb and Jelly on the menu, I immediately thought of her and her "PT Cruiser" vibe. I admit that its probably something to do with the way my Asian palate is wired, but I like my savouries to be savouries and my sweets to be sweet, and never the twain peops ... never the twain!

So I don't really know what to make of finding sweet winter berries scattered on top of a barely cooked piece of meat, or sweet glace fruits in a sugary sauce all over my piece of grilled swordfish, and don't get me started on the preponderance of raisins/sultanas (whats the definitive difference) like sweetened rabbit poo causing all manner of confusion, traditional or otherwise.

Anyhoo, I wasn't really expecting actual pieces of jelly in my lamby broth. I was so sure it was something lost in translation - perhaps some gristly knuckle or gelatinous cartilage ... but when it arrived a-table over at the newly spruced 1 + 1 Dumpling in Hopkins Street, Footscray, the bowl contained actual pieces of jelly. Oddly delicious.


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